About Us

About us


Üçelsan Plastic Injection and Mould LTD Co. is working in the production of mould manufacturing and plastic injection since 1982. We prosecute both mould manufacturing and plastic injection for a wide range of clients. For over 38 years, we have grown steadily in expertise and experience to finally becoming a force to reckon with in the plastic injection and mould manufacturing industry.

We guide and give support to our clients all the way, from the design stage to the mould manufacturing and plastic injection moulding.

Based on the experience we have garnered over the years, we are in the right position to give you advice and information on what kinds of materials you need, to give you the best quality of that product you desire.


Using our engineering, design, mold and innovative production capabilities, to provide special and proprietary solutions for each customer


To be among the leading companies in the sector by recognizing and adopting new trends and modern technology

plastik enjeksiyon kalıp imalatı


We have experience of 38 years at plastic injection moulding and 15 years of mould manufacturing. We have built and maintained a robust and diverse client base with wide range.


Over the years, we have consistently insisted on quality and best practices in the performance of our jobs. All our staff get to be indoctrinated into this tradition, because it is what has kept us going and helped us survive for almost four decades.

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