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Üçelsan Plastic Injection and Moulding LTD Co. is the company in the production of injection moulds and plastic injection since 1982.At Üçelsan Plastic Injection and  Moulding LTD Co, we execute both mould manufacturing and plastic injection moulding services flawlessly. We mass produce all kinds of plastic injection moulding products regardless of how complicated their shapes may be. Size, complexity and application are not limitations for us. We have the expertise and the facilities to manufacture moulds and millions of plastic injection moulding products upon request.






Agma A-10


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We boast of a robust wealth of experience in the plastic mould industry that spans 38 years. We have spent these years untiringly on in-depth research, consistent upgrade of machinery, modernization of service systems and customer relations. We have state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and our technicians are trained and qualified professionals. Above all, we have over the years, carved out a unique identity, an unblemished reputation and a tradition of customer satisfaction. We ensure that the benefits of experience are passed on to any of our new staff through very extensive orientations.This experience gives our clients the added advantage of receiving accurate information on the right materials suited for each kind of production job.


We execute our business with utmost care and precision while paying particular attention to timeliness. Our service is designed to avoid keeping clients waiting. Whatever the volume of products required, we guarantee speedy execution.


We have set our prices in a fashion that is high enough to deliver the best quality products and low enough to be competitive and affordable.

We produce the moulds and carry out the plastic injection ourselves. In other words, we are a one-stop shop for all your injection moulds and plastic injection needs. We provide you with convenience and save you the stress of getting all your needs from different sources. When we produce just moulds, we take them through tests in an injection machine before delivering to our clients. This is to ensure that they work perfectly well wherever they are going to be used.

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